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Streets of Stavanger

Updated: May 1, 2019

As in many other cities in Norway, you will not find wide, long and straight streets. Orienting in the intricacies of winding streets and lanes is not easy. It seems that architects sometimes set themselves the goal of specifically complicating the search task.

Streets in old town.

This is a kind of quest. The surrounding landscape also adds a headache to the unfortunate traveler. But how wonderful are the wooden Norwegian houses on the slopes of the hills! How beautifully decorated are the small plots around them, what an abundance of flowers and variety of plants! Involuntarily you begin to feel this quiet comfort and beauty and thank those architects who created all this diversity and for hobbitnts, who decorate it with love. Probably anywhere in the world you will not find so many interesting street names. The names reflect literally everything from trees growing on the street, a view from the window and ending with the philosophy of a measured and calm life surrounded by all this beauty.

All this you can find in any, even the smallest village. Everything is a little more formal in the city. The streets are slightly wider and more straight, but it is literally to turn around the corner and you again fall into a cozy world, where time flows differently, where the sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, just like in childhood.

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