• Alexander Alexanov

Spring walk.

Updated: May 1, 2019

Spring quietly comes to the city. The days are slightly longer and shorter than the night. A little less gray and rainy days and more sun and clean, like washed in the winter rains, the blue sky.

The arrival of spring is not so noticeable in this part of Norway. As people say in Stavanger there is no winter and summer, there is only spring and autumn. Indeed, the spring imperceptibly enters into its own rights. And now the kidneys are swelling on the trees, the birds are singing louder and the sun shines brighter. Nature slowly awakens. The first flowers appear. Everything becomes purer and brighter. Spring wind brings with the sea the elusive, but such spring smells. The city gradually comes to life after the winter calm and prettier in anticipation of the frenzy of the summer holiday. Something is subtly changing in the city every spring. New shops and restaurants are opening, and the old ones are renewing their appearance. Changes affect the whole city, and with all this craving for constant renewal, the traditions of the old city are carefully preserved.

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