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Sola beach

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

A chain of beautiful sandy beaches stretching from the south to the north along the west coast ends at the Sola beach. The beach is like a big arc framed by low sand dunes.

Clean sand, shallow sea attract a large number of tourists, especially in sunny windless weather. Norwegians, not spoiled by the sun, use every opportunity to enjoy it. What could be better than the beach in good weather? A quiet whisper of waves, a warm breeze, a hot sun and a bottomless blue sky overhead.

But even in cloudy weather, the beach is a great place to relax. Walking on the sand, inhaling fresh sea air is pleasant in any weather. Even if the sea is stormy, this has its own charm. The huge waves rising in shallow water, with a crash, strike the shore and lazily roll back into the sea. It is interesting to stroll along the beach after a big storm. The sea returns to man, what was lost or discarded. Sometimes, in scraps of nets and mountains of algae you can find something interesting.

Particularly mysterious is the beach in the misty windless weather. Fogs often come here from the sea, when the land, heated for a day, begins to give off heat. Cold air is rapidly coming from the sea, the fog quietly covers everything around, changing the outlines of objects and adding mystery to long-known places.

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