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Updated: May 1, 2019

The life of Stavanger, as well as the life of most other Norwegian cities, is bound with the sea. From Vikings times Norwegians were considered the best seafarers. Settlements were formed where there was an opportunity to hide vessels from strong winds and storm waves. At first the Viking fighters, full of booty, were returning from distant voyages. Then, when the Viking era was over, the Norwegians did not change their love of the sea. In the harbor ships returning with full holds of fish. The fish caught in the cold sea waters of Norway was so good quality and there were so many that it gave a strong impetus to the development of the entire fishing industry. This era did not passed Stavanger. First a small fishing village was formed and the main place of which of course was the harbor.

All life as a matter of fact took place in the harbor. Where else can you profitably buy or sell fish, learn all the latest news or just sit with friends over a mug of good local beer? The city grew up around the harbor. Wooden houses of sailors, offices of shipping companies, warehouses, all this and now you can see in the city, if you take a good look. The sea has always been for the city the main source of income and has given work for its inhabitants. First it was fishing and fish processing, then, when the Suez Canal was closed, Rosenberg shipyard built supertankers, giving jobs to many in the city.

Center of Stavanger.

After beginning development of the Norwegian shelf, a new era in the development of the city and its infrastructure began. A large number of foreigners came to work, following oil money and investments. There were offices of the largest oil companies. New settlements were built, roads were modern houses. The city became more and more a European city but, it is necessary to pay tribute to its inhabitants, preserved the style, traditions and unforgettable architecture of the Norwegian cities.

Coming to Stavanger, the feeling that you came home after a long journey does not leave your mind. So cozy and close seems the city center. Small streets, some ot them with a cobblestone road, an abundance of cafes and shops and friendly people on the streets. The city is good at any time of the year, but it is especially interesting in the summer, when almost every day cruise liners come to the harbor and speech in all the languages ​​of the world is heard on the streets. In the summer, the city hosts the most various festivals and events. Open all the museums, which are not small, in this not very large city. It is enough to enumerate the canning museum, the oil museum, the archaeological museum, the maritime museum. There is even a museum of toys. Music lovers can also find entertainment for themselves from street rock and jazz concerts to classical chamber music concerts. Fans of outdoor activities can also find things to do, from golf, horse riding and curling. Winter sports can be supplemented with mountain skiing, This is, of cource, not in summer time, but season for mountatin skiing quite long.

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