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Ålgård Line

Updated: Jul 20

In each, even the smallest Norwegian village there must be some mystery. The first thing that catches your eye when you drive through the Åslansbakken immediately after the porcelain factory in Figgjo is a half-disassembled railway crossing. Well-built of closely fitting stones, it could have stood for more than a hundred years, but was apparently disassembled due to insufficient road clearance for cars. How the railway can appear here?

If you turn left, just after the bridge, and drive a couple of hundred meters along a narrow rural road you can find the old railway station of Figgjo. It was a full of life in the past. Diesel locomotives, transporting passengers between Sandnes and Gjestdall up to ten times a day. There were also freight transportations on this line. When the railway was planned between Stavanger and Oslo, there was a proposal to use this road as a road to Oslo.

In the end, the road to Oslo was laid along the coast through Egersund, and the local railway line was no longer used. Now the station Figgio works as a museum. An old locomotive, railway carriage, a waiting room for passengers, it's looks same as it was many years ago. It's funny to find an ancient railway station among the mountains and farm fields. Moreover you can rent an old draisines and drive a few kilometers to Ålgård by the real railway. It's not harder than riding a bike. The pleasure of the trip will remain in your memories for a long time. Do not forget to bring your children. For them it will be like an exciting adventure.

Not long time ago several local politicians have proposed re-opening the line for turists and for local people. The line laying in such nice place and can attract quite many passengers.

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