Norwegian lighthouses.

Lighthouses were originally built as family stations. The many strangely shaped timber lighthouses that Norway is famous for were almost always looked after by the keeper and his family. All of them, including the children, helped keep the light burning.

At large lighthouse stations the work was divided among the menfolk. Here, the lighthouse was the center of a community. The men worked in the tower. Around the tower was a smallholding, and even sometimes a school.

The lighthouse keeper was in charge of the station. His quarter were always a bit bigger and fancier than his assistant’s. All lighthouses not only look different – they were also very different to live in.


Obrestad lighthouse is located between the Hå’s Old Vicarage and Obrestad harbor. Turn off the R44 near Nærbø, following signs for Obrestad Havn/Hå Gamle Prestegard. The lighthouse can also be reached by bike along the North Sea Route, or by foot along the Royal Road. Distance from Stavanger about 45 km, distance from Eigersund about 40 km.