Rogaland Arboretum

The Rogaland Arboretum was established in 1972 and today includes 7 hectares of forest and parkland. Arboretum is a large collection of both usual and unusual shrubs and trees from around the world, and the entire area covering an area of 700 acres. Most interesting collections are: Acer, Sorbus, Syringa, Taxus and cultivars of Rhododendron. You are welcome to experience these indispensable and exciting creatures emerge in a beautiful setting and interacting with the changing seasons.

The Rogaland Arboretum is a place where you can spent almost all day. You can walk around from forest area to park area. Lake and several ponds make the landscape more spectacular. Plenty of benches where you can relax, make this trip even more enjoyable.

You can get Arboretum by driving E39, 5 km south of Sandnes, follow sign to the arboretum for 2 km.

The arboretum is always open for visitors.
Parking fee: 30 NOK.
Suggested donation: 5 NOK/pers.

The Rogaland Arboretum is not commercial organization and visitors fee cover some part of expenses for supporting this nice place.

On official Rogaland Arboret web site you will find more information.

Rogaland Arboret map in PDF.


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