Outdoor life.

Here in Stavanger, like in the rest of Norway, there is no reason to stay indoors. You will always find a lot of things to do. Mountains, sea coast, parks and gardens have a lot of secrets you have to discover in any season. Stavanger has quite unique location where you can see many different landscapes in short driving distance. You can play snow on the mountains and walk at the sand beach within less than one hour driving. Wherever you go, you will find untouched nature in its purest form.

Nature surprisingly generously rewarded this land with her gifts. High mountains and deep fjords, washed by clean and cold waters. A chain of dunes with snow-white clean sand, stretching along the coast for more than sixty kilometers. Plain landscapes with an abundance of coppices and lakes, which are difficult to imagine in this part of the country. Brooks in which a large and strong salmon splashes. A forest with ship pines supporting the sky with its peaks. Stony valleys between mountains with huge boulders covered with juicy, bright green moss. Cristal icy cold water, gurgling on the slopes of the mountains. Mountain rivers and waterfalls, polishing their streams rocky coast. Unique landscapes, waiting for their grateful spectators for every turn of the road. All this awakens the spirit of wandering that slumbereth in us.


Mountain ski in Gilja. This is probably closest place from Stavanger where you can go for mountain ski. It is also good place for children and beginners.

Gilja Alpin is a ski lift on Giljastølen, Gilja located about 1 hour drive from Stavanger. The ski resort has a cross-country terrain of 700m and a main slope at 1300m. It is a child-friendly ski resort and offers including ski hire. The difference in height of the plant is about 200m and there are slopes on both sides of the cover.