Vålandshaugen - great place for picnic

With its 83 meters above sea level is Vålandshaugen one of the highest points in Stavanger. During the war between Denmark-Norway and England (1807-1814) wooden watch tower was built in 1807. From Vålandshaugen had a good view of any foreign ships that approached the city.

In 1866 got Stavanger its first waterworks with Mosvannet. The new Våland tower built in 1895. It resembled a medieval castle, and the style of the tower called pseudo-Gothic. The tower or castle has arched windows, battlements and towers with top courses.

Våland in 1895 is used in connection with the efficiency of the city's water supply. Water was pumped from Mosvatnet and up to two pools that were by the tower. It has, inter alia, Been restaurant and residence for a fire watch in this tower.

Now it is a great place for a picnic, located near the city center and has beautiful views on Stavanger and surroundings.