Norwegian modern wooden buildings

Norwegian builders are known for their wooden constructions not only because the song "The Beatles" of the same name. The quality of Norwegian wood is widely known all over the world. For a long time, the Norwegian ship forest was one of the best materials for building ships. High and straight pines were used to make masts. A tree grown in a local climate has dense and solid wood. A tree is a traditional building material for Norway.

Norway has long experience in the use of wood in building of houses. When you look up just after arriving to Oslo Gardemoen airport you will see nice wooden construction at the roof of main hull. Wood is used everywhere. Modern trend is to use wood for multi floors buildings. It is looks very unusual and fantastic. Now more and more of such buildings you can find in Stavanger.

Definitely wooden house is more healthy and natural from ecological point of view. It is a pleasure to stay inside and fill a smell of wood.